My name is Iebele Abel. On this page you'll find a brief selection of my work.



Iebele Abel, Patmos 2015. On the Island of Patmos

Real-time Indeterminate Synthetic Music Feedback

Since the last couple of years, RT-ISMF is one of the projects I've spent most of my time with.

In short, RT-ISMF (Real-time Indeterminate Synthetic Music Feedback) produces unique music at the same moment one is listening to it. RT-ISMF music is not recorded music, it has never been heard before, and it will never be played again.

The procedure that generates RT-ISMF music is based on measurements on quantum mechanical, unpredictable processes. Because of its "indeterminate" nature, RT-ISMF music may evoke unique experiencesref.

MindFeedback Music | RT-ISMF

RT-ISMF music is made for everyone. It is officialy distributed by the MindFeedback Organization. At their website you can listen to RT-ISMF.

MindFeedback is by far the most popular use of RT-ISMF music. Many people use it at home for tasks or moments that require relaxation, concentration or inspiration. In therapeutic practice MindFeedback music is used to reflect on, or to gain insight into, issues that rational thought cannot solve on its own force.

MindFeedback Music | RT-ISMF


Body in Resonance

Calming Frequencies for Body and Mind

Body in Resonance is a 35 minutes audio track that consists of carefully balanced frequencies. Body in Resonance is used by therapists worldwide to increase bodily awareness and meditative states of consciousness. It is also used by people who suffer from insomnia. Play it on a low volume.

CD cover of: Body in Resonance: Calming Frequencies for Body and Mind. Iebele Abel (2004)

Body in Resonance is distributed by Princeton ICRL Press.

Manifestations of Mind in Matter

Manifestations of Mind in Matter. Conversations about Art, Science, and Spirit.
154 pages. Full-color. ICRL Press, Princeton (2013).

Available in the bookshop or online.

The Dutch edition is available here.

Iebele Abel (2013). Manifestations of Mind in Matter: Conversations about Art, Science, and Spirit. ICRL Press Princeton, 2013.

Backcover information:

A broad social shift has been taking place over the last few years; the materialistic world view of the past centuries is giving way to a view of life in which our consciousness is the primary focus. The entanglement of consciousness and reality raises questions about life and society that have been posed since ancient times.

The Dutch artist and researcher Iebele Abel uses technology and present-day science to reiterate these questions. Within different disciplines of science, technology, and philosophy, these questions are addressed on a fundamental level. Now evidence is growing that consciousness and the bodily manifestation of life itself are entangled; this may be the starting point for new observations, from which radical new technologies and forthcoming cultures may derive.

Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness. With an introduction by Iebele Abel.
Elmtree & Waters Publishing, 2007-2009. 104 pages.

The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

This book presents concise and spiritual reflections, which articulates the idea that we are part of a universe that in essence is one living and creating awareness. This idea reinforces the experience of love and respect for every living thing. Never before have this many "universal laws" been brought together in a single book. Innumerable subjects are placed in the inspiring light of cosmic awareness, in a surprisingly clear and concrete way. This book meets a growing need of accurate, contemporary phrasing of higher laws.

Available as book or e-book.
Download from source.

Dutch translation (book only):
De Universele Wetten van Kosmisch Bewustzijn.